How to Report

How to report a hate crime

Hate crimes are based on stereotypes, prejudice and intolerance towards potentially vulnerable sections of the population. If you have been a victim of this type of hostility, discrimination or even violence, follow the recommendations below.

  • Call the emergency services 091 or 062 if police intervention is necessary, checking first if you need medical attention.
  •  Report the incident to the law enforcement agencies. Carry/Present the necessary documentation (medical reports in the case of injuries, screenshots with messages...etc.) and remember that you can have the company of a person who can offer you support while you report the incident.
  • Ask for an interpreter if you do not understand Spanish or use sign language or easy-to-read documentation for people with developmental disabilities.
  •  Provide as much detailed information as possible about what happened.
  •  Describe the perpetrator in as much detail as possible, emphasising their clothing, tattoos, hostile groups or collectives to which they may belong, whether they were carrying symbols, etc. and state literally the expressions and comments you may have perceived, as this guides the investigators as to whether there is a discriminatory or hateful motivation.
  • The law enforcement agencies will inform you of your rights as a victim. Legal counselling, emotional and psychological support services, provided by official and civilian bodies, are available to you on our Resource Map.

Reporting a hate crime

By reporting hate crimes, you will enable and help to prevent and avoid the recurrence of such incidents.

Even if you are unsure about whether an act constitutes a hate crime, you can contact us or law enforcement.



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